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Buildium: Overview & Introduction

We use Buildium, a cloud-based property management program. Buildium offers a comprehensive system combining applicant management, resident files and payment ledger, and a full accounting system. Buildium has applications for mobile devices as well as computer web browsers. Visit www.Buildium.com for information.


User Types

Administrator: Access to all features and controls

Operator: Access to most features

House Manager: Access to resident files and notes


Accessing Buildium

An administrator must create an account for you. Your username will be your @VanderburghHouse.com e-mail address, and your password will be created by you when you receive your account creation email. To log in as an Operator visit https://vanderburgh.managebuilding.com/Manager/ and enter your e-mail and password. Keep your password safe, and if you lose it, someone in the office will be able to reset it for you.


House Managers. House Managers have access to Buildium for access to resident information and to help track data to better run their homes. Some key elements are as follows:

  1. House Managers should add notes to resident files when incidents occur
  2. House Managers can review rent payment history and balances owed by residents


Buildium Features

Home Page

Dashboard. The Buildium home page features a dashboard and menu of Buildium features. The dashboard can be customized to show outstanding rent balances, incoming applications, vacant beds, recent activity and other data.

Menu. The menu bar is an easy way to navigate to different areas of the site. Details on each section are below.

Shortcuts. The three dots icon (…) is a shortcuts menu where you can quickly access frequently used features of the site.

Files. The Files section to the right of the menu bar is an easy place to access documents and forms.

Reports. The Reports menu, to the far right, allows you to pull reports on financials, activity, and other data.

Search. Perhaps the most useful of the Buildium site navigation tools is the search bar. You can search for residents, applicants, vendors, staff, or other information contained throughout Buildium. A simple search can get to where you need to go in a few seconds.


Rentals Menu

The Rentals menu, top left of the menu bar, displays a set of rental-related information, including

  1. A list of all properties that an Operator is leading.
  2. A list of current residents with contact information.
  3. Outstanding balances. A list of balances owed by each resident.


Resident Files. Buildium has many tools available for you to keep track of residents. The resident’s page contains notes, payment history, contact information, and uploaded files relating to the resident. The resident’s page can be found either in the rent roll or tenants menu, or by navigating to the search bar and searching for the resident’s full name.

Resident Notes. Contained in the resident file above is a “notes” section, which is very important to mention. Any time there is an issue worth noting, add it as a new note in the “notes” section. This will timestamp the comment and it will be immediately available for all staff to view as soon as it is posted. All disciplinary measures, grievances, late payment negotiations, and all other important resident interactions should be noted by the House Manager.

Payments. By selecting the Lease Ledger on the right of the screen, you can view the resident’s payment account. Each rent charge, move-in fee, credit, etc. will all be posted and organized by date. This is important to have on hand to show to a resident if they fall behind on rent, or to show if rent is prepaid.


Leasing Menu

The Leasing menu displays your current applicants. See more information in the Intake Duties section.


Accounting Menu

The Accounting menu displays

  1. Display financial statements for each property, including income and expenses.
  2. Access bank accounts to make deposits and payments and reconcile activity.
  3. Access bills to be paid, paid bills, or recurring bills; make payments.



Access vendor information and files.



The Files menu accesses all template files used by an Operator. More details below.



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