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Buildium: Resident Move In, Move Out, Changing Beds

Moving a New Resident In

If you are looking to move a former resident in, see instructions at the bottom of this page.

For moving Search for the resident’s name in the search bar; this will take you to the Application page

Select “move-in tenant” and “create lease”


You are now on the Add Lease page. On this page:

  1. Select “signed” lease agreement
  2. Input property and bed information, start date (date of move-in), “At Will” term
    1. The Unit they are moving in to must be empty, so verify that it doesn’t overlap when selecting the unit from the dropdown menu
  3. Verify the “tenant” information is correct
  4. Create resident site account: ON (unless otherwise desired by resident)
  5. Rent cycle: monthly or weekly payments
  6. Amount: the rental payment, charged either monthly or weekly
  7. Next due date
    1. If weekly: the Friday after they move in (if they move in on a Friday, use move-in date)
    2. If monthly: the first of the next month
  8. Skip “security deposit”
  9. Select “Add one-time charge” to add “Move-In Fee Income” / date of move-in / fee amount.
  10. Select “Add one-time charge” to add prorated rent (if they move in on a day other than Friday) “Rent Income” account, date of move in. Calculate by taking weekly rent divided by 7, multiplied by the days until next Friday
  11. Upload the scanned Resident Agreement and other documents
  12. Click: Create Lease


You are now on the Lease page. On this page:

  1. Look at their Lease Ledger and verify all charges and payments are accurate.
  2. Select Recurring Transactions from the Lease Ledger page and verify they will be charged the correct amount weekly on Fridays with the next due date being correct
  3. Collect Tenant Payment if you have collected the first payment from the resident



Moving a Resident Out

Resident discharge? View more information here.

  • Go to the to the resident’s page by searching for the resident’s name in the search bar
  • Add all notes resident’s file detailing the reason(s) behind the move-outs including dates and times of any incidents relating to it, if a Discharge
  • Go to the residents Lease Ledger
  • Select “end lease” and end the lease as of the date that the resident moved out
  • “Move out” the resident


Moving a Resident to a Different Bed in the Same Home

  1. Navigate to Rentals > Rent Roll > Select current lease for the tenant (or search for the resident’s name)
  2. Add a “Note” to the file indicating the resident’s change to a different bed
  3. On the Summary Page, you should see “Edit” at the top of the page where the Tenant’s name is listed
  4. Click “Edit” and change the Unit to the right bed type and the Start Date to the day they moved
  5. Visit the resident’s Lease Ledger to ensure charges and payments are correct
  6. Visit the “Rent” tab and edit the recurring rent transaction to the new rent

This will keep all previous information but will not show that the resident was previously associated with a different bed type. Don’t forget to add a Note and update the rent payment on the lease ledger.


Moving a Former Resident In

This can be used for moving a former resident in if you want to keep their information, or if you are moving a resident from one property to another.

  1. Navigate to Properties > desired home > desired unit
  2. Select “add lease”
  3. When adding the lease, follow the instructions above, except when selecting “add tenants” select the “add former tenant”
  4. Follow remaining instructions for creating the lease in Buildium
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