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Business & Other Documents: Introduction & Overview

Business Management Documents

  • Vanderburgh House Letterhead. Editable letterhead featuring our branding material.


  • Approved Suppliers List. A list of the only approved suppliers for Vanderburgh House homes.


  • Code of Ethics. A code of ethics which guides all Vanderburgh House Operators and homes.

Marketing Documents

  • Brand Standards. A guide to the use of all branding materials.


  • Logo File. An image file for the Vanderburgh House logo.


  • Symbol File. An image file for the Vanderburgh House symbol.


  • Vanderburgh House Presentation. A slide presentation about Vanderburgh House homes.


  • Business Card. An example of our business cards. Customized cards are available from the Vanderburgh House marketing department.


  • Referral Card. A small postcard size print media deliverable. More information in the Marketing section of this Handbook.


  • Tri-fold. Our standard tri-fold marketing brochure.


  • Thank You note. A standard “thank you” style note card.


Document Location

All template resident documents can be found in the Files tab in Buildium. Be sure to access these forms directly from Buildium as they are updated from time to time. Saving them onto your device as opposed to accessing them from Buildium may cause you to miss important updates to the documents.

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