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Community Outreach: Operator Responsibilities & Schedule

Operator Outreach Responsibilities & Schedule


On assigned HubSpot contacts, make contact with each on a regular basis, at minimum:


  1. One contact with each assigned contact per month (call or email)
  2. One face-to-face meeting with each contact once every three months (tour or presentation)
    1. Add any new contacts to HubSpot and track each contact with referral sources on HubSpot
    2. Making sure all contact information is accurate



Operator Marketing Responsibilities & Schedule


Supply to Vanderburgh House a minimum of 3 of the following:


  1. Unique good resolution image and accompanying text of update on the home for posting on social media.


  1. Resident testimonial with full name, photo preferable.


  1. Blog post with minimum of 4 paragraphs of text for posting on the website.


Also, supply to Vanderburgh House all additional digital marketing materials you wish to have included in our marketing.

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