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Finding New Referral Sources

New Referral Sources


Buildium applications are a very good source for referral information. Access applications under the Leasing menu and select Applicants. Browse current applications or filter for rejected, deferred, or cancelled applications. On each application there may be listed a “referred by” or “current program” information, often including the name of a case manager and contact information (see figure to the right).



A referral is always the best connection. Asking for referrals to other placement professionals is the most powerful way to get in the door at new facilities! Always ask – “who else can I talk to about this?”. Referrals can come from residents, House Managers, other Operators, or Vanderburgh House staff.



We recommend that you create and use an up-to-date personal LinkedIn account (www.LinkedIn.com). LinkedIn is a powerful tool for networking, specifically finding and building relationships with placement professionals. A proper profile should include full name, photograph, job title, job description, and link to the Vanderburgh House LinkedIn page.


HubSpot for New Contacts

Add all new contacts immediately to HubSpot. Be sure to include all available contact information for the contact, as well as indicating the type of organization (see figure to the right).

After creating the contact, indicate the source of the new contact as a note or event log item. This could be something as simple as “contact referred Kelsey Smith to the Germain Home in March 2019.” Always indicate the source of the contact and the content of any initial conversations had with the contact. Be sure to stay in touch with each new contact – don’t delay!


First Communication with a New Referral Sources

First Contact

  1. Cold call and make an appointment or ask to email information. Figure out who the right person is to talk to if you haven’t yet reached them. If you were referred by someone, or they are affiliated with an applicant or resident, mention this to them.
    • The best strategy is to be introduced to someone at a new facility or department from someone we already know – being able to say “Susy thinks it’s a great idea to speak with you” is the best opening.
  2. Email them to follow up.
  3. Log the activity in HubSpot.
  4. Do a visit to their location, invite them to visit our homes, or email information to them
    • In the event a visit cannot be coordinated, call them back within one week to follow-up.
  5. Conduct any scheduled in-person meetings and leave them with our marketing packet, invite their clients to our homes for a tour or for an open house. Leave a stack of applications so they don’t have to print them.
  6. Follow up with an e-mail in a week.
  7. Log the event in HubSpot.



Sample Initial Email

Dear <Contact Name>,

This is <Bob Smith> from Vanderburgh House. Thank you for taking my call a moment ago. I’d like to provide you with some additional information on what we have to offer, attached to this email. I look forward to working with you in the future, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Thank you;

Bob Smith | Independent Operator

Vanderburgh House

[email protected]

+1 (508) 826-0749


All email activity should be through your @VanderburghHouse email address. Attach Vanderburgh House Introduction file to this email. This file can be found in the Buildium Files tab or in OneDrive. Make sure you have properly set up your email signature.

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