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Home Administration Documents: Introduction & Overview

Each House Manager must keep on hand a copy of the forms they use regularly. Forms 3.1 3.5 should be kept on hand, in the home, at all times.

  • Rent Collection Sheet. Used weekly by the House Manager to keep track of what has been paid by whom


  • Resident Overnight Leave Request. Used by residents to request overnights


  • Resident Written Warning. Used to “write up” a resident for a violation of a rule or policy


  • Incident Report Form. Used by the House Manager whenever an incident occurs


  • Grievance Form. Used by residents who would like to file a grievance against staff


  • These are required posters for each home, including House Rules, Emergency Procedures, etc.


Note: this document must be modified for each home


  • Monthly Home Inspection Form. Used during the monthly home inspection to log and address current or potential issues in the home.


Document Location

All template resident documents can be found in the Files tab in Buildium. Be sure to access these forms directly from Buildium as they are updated from time to time. Saving them onto your device as opposed to accessing them from Buildium may cause you to miss important updates to the documents.

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