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House Manager Documents: Introduction & Overview

  • House Manager Agreement. This document sets the basic expectations of the House Manager in an agreement format. New House Managers must sign the agreement and adhere to the terms contained in it. Terminations under the House Manager Agreement are different from those under the Resident Agreement. If a House Manager violates the Resident Agreement, such as by testing positive for or possessing a controlled substance in the house, they can be terminated under the terms of that document. But, if termination is for shortcomings related to the House Manager role, be sure to read and follow the procedures laid out in the House Manager Agreement.


  • House Manager Handbook. This document provides a comprehensive overview of what the House Manager does for Vanderburgh House. This is the main document used by the House Manager when performing their duties.


  • House Manager Training Guide. This guide will assist the Operator in training a House Manager.

Document Location

All template resident documents can be found in the Files tab in Buildium. Be sure to access these forms directly from Buildium as they are updated from time to time. Saving them onto your device as opposed to accessing them from Buildium may cause you to miss important updates to the documents.

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