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House Managers: Overview & Introduction

House Manager Structure

House Manager Agreement

House Managers sign the House Manager Agreement. This agreement supplements the Resident Agreement and details the House Manager’s additional roles and responsibilities.


It is up to you to decide how to compensate your House Managers, if at all. Some House Managers may agree to take on additional responsibilities compared with residents voluntarily, receiving only certain perks that may come with an increased level of trust, such as a] a later curfew, more liberal allowances for overnights, and an opportunity to gain valuable experience through a closer relationship with the Operator. Some House Managers may be compensated with free accommodations only. Others may be compensated monetarily. If you do compensate your house manager, it is up to you to follow the employment laws of your state. You should be aware that many jurisdictions have strict laws about when someone may be considered an independent contractor, and that it is up to you and your counsel to familiarize yourself with these laws and follow them. Failure to do so could result in severe penalties.

House Manager Search & Evaluation

House Manager Candidates

When possible, House Managers should be selected out of the pool of current residents. This ensures they are clearly aware of our policies, mission, procedures, and the responsibilities of a House Manager. They should be selected based on their general ability to perform the tasks required of them. An assessment of their ability to be firm, fair, lead residents, and build a healthy recovery community. You will rely on them to run a home, and careful selection is the key to having a great House Manager and great homes.

If you are unable to source a House Manager from your pool of residents, you can engage in a search using tools available, with a focus on networking in the recovery community to fill the position. A House Manager Advertisement is available to assist in doing so. Formal interviews should be conducted.

House Manager Evaluation

Candidates for the position of House Manager undergo a formal interview with the Operator. If the candidate is not a current resident, they must complete the Resident Application prior to being considered as a House Manager. They must be approved as a resident as well as perform well in a formal interview in order to qualify to be a House Manager. Once selected, a House Manager candidate must be trained before assuming the House Manager position.

House Manager Training

House Manager Training Overview

House Manager training is conducted by the Operator for all new House Managers. House Manager Training must be complete before the House Manager is given authority in their new role. Our training program takes place using the House Manager Handbook and the House Manager Training Program, an online program, hosted on the Talent LMS platform.


Training Materials

The House Manager Handbook is the guiding document for all House Manager roles and responsibilities. This document must be carefully read and understood by the House Manager in order for them to be successful in their role. The House Manager Training Program is a cloud-based training program accessible by visiting the link below. This training program must be completed in full. House Managers should also be Naloxone and CPR trained as well. Information on where to obtain these important trainings is available in the House Manger Handbook.


Duration of Training

House Manager training should take place before a candidate is appointed to the House Manager position. This training takes approximately one week to complete. House Managers should be current with their training; training which took place more than 90 days prior must be retaken.


Talent LMS House Manager Training Program Link





All House Managers in a community should meet once every two months. These meetings should be catered (light refreshments) and serve as a forum for how the homes can be made better. The agenda should be prepared in advance by the Operator, and the meeting should be led by the Operator. Topics should include:


What is going well that other House Managers or communities should know about?

What are some of the challenges we are facing?

What are things we can do more of or do differently to better serve our residents?


House Manager Complications

Change of House Manager.

  • Collect keys, if any, from the House Manager
  • Change the door keycode
  • Notify all residents and relevant case workers or referral sources


If a resident raises a concern about a House Manager, it should be investigated immediately as you would any resident. House Managers may be urine screened at any time and are subject to the same restrictions as residents relating to prohibited items. They are subject to search and screening as any other resident, and may be terminated for violating the Resident Agreement.

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