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Outreach Activities

Tours of Homes

You should make tours available at all your houses upon appointment. Allow potential residents and referral sources to come and view our homes to show them what the house offers, the size of the bedrooms and the other amenities that are on site. In preparation for this, the residents of the particular house should be notified so that their daily schedules are not interrupted. If certain residents would like to keep their residency confidential, you should also make accommodations for this ahead of time.


We also appreciate when a potential resident comes to tour our houses, this gives us and the residents an opportunity to meet the individual and for the potential resident to meet the current residents and the Operator.


Preparation for an Off-Site Presentation

  1. Ensure you are dressed and groomed appropriately


  1. Make sure you have prepared for the meeting, are aware of the details and individual or group with whom you are meeting, and what to expect


  1. Bring the following items as appropriate
    1. Media packets
    2. Business cards
    3. Presentation booklet
    4. Banners and signs, as appropriate, if you are setting up a table


Presentation Procedure

When making an in-person presentation, there is a lot to cover. Keeping it organized is important in order to properly communicate the right information to the audience. Tailor your presentation to fit the setting.

  1. Introduce yourself and your position as an independent operator of a Vanderburgh House
  2. How long have you operated a Vanderburgh House?
  3. What did you do before?
  4. What is Vanderburgh House?
    1. A structured sober home community
    2. Homes available in ______
    3. Homes for men and women (as appropriate);
  5. What are our homes like?
    1. Structured, with curfew and random screens
    2. Allowing for independence to pursue work, academics, programs, etc.
    3. Residents are required to
      1. Maintain sobriety
      2. Follow House Rules
      3. Get a sponsor and attend meetings
      4. Participate in their own recovery, the way they see fit
  1. Rents are paid weekly or monthly, private pay, with rates starting at $xxx
    1. Rent covers all utilities, but food and laundry are separate expenses
  2. Homes have many amenities, including
    1. Free internet
    2. Expanded cable TV
    3. Fully furnished, including a computer
    4. Most have off-street parking, and the ones that do not have street parking
  1. Applicants must be sober for 14 days, and must be 18 years old
    1. Following an application, we conduct a phone screen
    2. Move in can be scheduled for as quickly as the same day
  2. It costs the first week plus a deposit to move in
    1. Rent is pro-rated if someone moves in on a day other than Friday
  3. Most Vanderburgh House homes follow NARR-affiliate standards
  1. Do you have any questions for me?
  2. May I leave with you marketing materials?
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