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Print Marketing Media

Custom Print Media

Business Card. Vanderburgh House’s marketing department can create for each Operator a custom business card for staff, house managers, or other associated with the business.



Standard Print Media

Tri-Fold Brochure. General information contained in a tri-fold brochure format.


Referral Card. Entitles referred resident to a discount on the cost of their move-in.


Resident Application & Handbook. It is helpful to have color printed resident applications and handbooks to include with your media packet (below). New residents should be given a full-color copy



Media Packet

The media packet is a recommended format for presenting general Vanderburgh House information to referral sources or others who will spread the word about Vanderburgh House. Each packet should contain the following:

  1. Plastic packet – to contain the below items
  2. Blue folder – inserted in the plastic packet and contains the below items
  3. Graphic sticker – one stuck on the folder; one stuck on the plastic packet itself
  4. Logo sticker – stuck on the tab of the blue folder
  5. Business cards (x3)
  6. Referral cards (x3)
  7. Tri-fold brochure (x3)
  8. Resident Application
  9. Resident Handbook


Making the Media Packet

Stick a graphic sticker on the front of the blue folder, and a logo sticker on the tab of the folder. Fill the blue folder with the business cards, referral cards, brochures, resident application, and Resident Handbook. Pack into the plastic packet and adhere a sticker to the opposite side of the plastic packet.


Additional Media

Additionally, Operators should have the following items:

  1. Tablecloth (blue, for presentations and events)
  2. Table runner (logo on white background, to further decorate table)
  3. Car magnet (logo on magnet to identify vehicles, etc.)
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