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Referral Source Relationship Management


Use common sense when maintaining a relationship with a referral source. If a referred resident has an issue – call the referral source and talk to them about it. If the resident has recently celebrated an accomplishment (3-months sober, 6-months sober, etc.), this should be communicated to the referral source. When a resident moves on from our home into independent living, this should also be communicated to our referral partner if appropriate.

Quality and honest interaction, as well as making a connection with them at least once every two weeks, is important. When they refer someone over to us, a status update should be given  one week, two weeks, and one month following the residents’ move-in. Application status should be communicated to the case worker, and even bad news (application denial, resident termination) should be shared immediately. Face to face meetings should occur with primary sources around once per month. Reasons for meetings or communications may include:

  1. Updates on residents they refer to us
  2. Requests for advice / recommendation
  3. Referrals to their program (it is important to refer to organizations who refer to you)


Top Referrers. Regular calls or check-in visits should be made to top referrers. Being at the forefront of their minds is important. Print media is available and can be provided from our office upon request.


Best Practices

Once a contact is established, try a once a month e-mail with beds available in the area.

  • As needed based on occupancy, periodic meetings and calls with placement professionals are important.
  • Try to maintain service relationships between the referral source and the resident (keep providing outpatient services, for example).
  • Many contacts change positions and organizations often – turnover makes it difficult at times to maintain good referral relationships with organizations – make note of all position changes on HubSpot.



  • Don’t let more than three months pass between contacting a referral source.
  • Always add new referral sources in HubSpot and keep contact information updated.


Communication Standards

It is important to stress the importance placed on structure and offering a quality product. Caseworkers should all know your policies on random urine drug screens, curfew, guests, and other policies in place for residents. Caseworkers should be asked what they consider when referring to a sober house. Ongoing efforts should be made to include these into operations as well as marketing and communications efforts with referral sources.


Outlook. Outlook offers a calendar feature which makes it possible to invite others to join the meeting that is set with an outside organization. This helps maintain continuity between staff members to ensure that meetings with outside providers are conducted.


Print Media. You should support face-to-face interactions with professionally designed marketing materials, including rack cards, tri-fold brochures, business cards, sticky notes, and other branded materials. For first contacts with new placement professionals, we typically provide a packet of materials included in a labeled folder. See more below.


Always update HubSpot when contacting a referral source!

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