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Rent Collection Policies

Unpaid Rent

If rent is not paid when it is due, the House Manager must conduct a face-to-face conversation with the resident. The resident must explain the circumstances and give some level of assurance that the rent will be paid promptly. The House Manager may negotiate a payment arrangement for no longer than 7 days. The Operator may allow for a payment arrangement for up to 14 days. Do not allow residents to fall behind more than 14 days.

Rent Payment Methods

We prefer residents pay rent online through their Tenant Portal in Buildium. Resident payments will post to their accounts, and you can see who has paid through the Buildium phone app. You may also accept money orders and bank checks. All payments should be payable to Vanderburgh House. Personal checks from residents and cash payments are not allowed.

Rent Refund Policy

Rent Refunds. All rent is non-refundable per the Resident Agreement. Rent paid on Friday covers the week to come and is not prepaid rent. If a resident prepays rent beyond the week (or month) required of them, and is terminated for any reason, any prepaid rent beyond the required payments may be refunded in appropriate circumstances. Refunds must be made to the departed resident within thirty days from the day they moved out.

Rent Payment Receipts

Residents must be emailed a receipt to the address we have on file. You can update the email address for the resident’s site by visiting their page and updating the information. Do not offer paper receipts.



Buildium. Residents are invited to set up and use a Buildium account. See more in the Intake section on moving a new resident in and creating an account for them. Alternatively, you can visit an existing resident’s Tenant Page in Buildium to add their account.

Resident Payment History. Visit Buildium, find the resident, and select Lease Ledger on the right of the screen. You will see each rent charge and payment, move-in fee charge and payments, and any other charges or credits.

Other Income Items

Laundry. Laundry machines fill up at different rates. Typically, it makes sense to collect laundry money on the first collection of each new month. Change the quarters for paper currency and deposit monthly. When depositing, select “other deposit item” and indicate “laundry income” as the income line item, associated with the particular property in question.

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