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The Role of the Vanderburgh House Collaborative


We will provide you with an initial training program as well as refresher programs. Training must be completed with the principal of the Operator, or the Operator individually (if the Operator is not a corporate entity). Additional training is subject to our consent and may incur additional cost. The Operator is responsible for all out-of-pocket costs associated with training, including travel, lodging, meals, and all applicable wages. We also offer training online through the Talent LMS system, described in greater detail below.


Operational Assistance

In addition to training, we can provide you with additional on-site supervision and assistance with building and running your sober homes. This may also incur additional cost and is subject to our availability. We also provide guidance and assistance in building and running sober houses. This can take the form of periodic memos, emails, field visits, telephone calls, or other forms of communications. These may cover topics of interest and concern, updates and new events, and changes to our policies and procedures. We will also provide you with a copy of this Operator Handbook, on loan.



We will make available to our Operators samples of advertising and promotional material and may offer customization and design services to our Operators as available. We also maintain an advertising fund which is funded through contributions from Operators.



Vanderburgh House seeks to maintain the highest standards of quality, appearance, professionalism, reliability and service of the System, and to that end shall conduct, as it deems advisable, inspections of the home, and evaluations of the services rendered and the products sold in connection therewith.


National Call Center Fund

We maintain a fund to establish and develop a National Call Center for the benefit of Vanderburgh House businesses in the System. The National Call Center will be used for customer service inquiries, follow-up calls or other communications with customers, and to establish a telephone and web-based system for reservations, cancellations, information requests, and complaints.


Plans and Specifications

We provide you, on loan, one set of standard plans and specifications for a Vanderburgh House Business, including specifications for interior and exterior design, layout, floor plan, signs, color, d├ęcor and equipment.


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