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Weekly Home Visit

The expectations of residents are contained in the Resident Handbook. These resources should be reviewed regularly with residents, especially if standards are not being met. The House Manager should collect rent from residents on Fridays at 5pm, when it is due. The House Manager and the Resident should record the collected rent on a Rent Collection Sheet and each initial the appropriate box. Collected rent should be immediately deposited into the safe at each property. The House Manager or Operator must address cases of non-payment immediately and notify residents that they will lose access to certain privileges until their account is brought current.


The Operator is responsible for visiting each house weekly to collect rent and check on the house. This weekly home visit should follow the items in the Weekly Home Inspection Form. The weekly visit and inspection is typically done on Mondays. It is best to meet with the House Manager if possible, but the House Manager can be contacted by telephone if they are not available when you go to the house. On each weekly visit, The Operator should review the following:


Rent Collection Sheet. The Rent Collection Sheet should be filled out completely, noting status of each resident (including those who have paid online, pay monthly, and those who have not paid). Check the initials and ask the House Manager to clarify any questions and take notes on the sheet.


Resident Changes. Review any new residents or those who have moved out. Make sure new residents are comfortable. Make sure the Buildium records are correct. Collect paperwork from all new and departed residents.


Overdue Rent. Residents who have not paid should be discussed with the House Manager. Your House Manager should have a plan with the resident. It is not the Operator’s job to remind residents to pay rent. Residents should not owe more than two weeks’ rent.


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