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WhatsApp: Overview & Introduction

To supplement email and telephone, the core of our daily communication is on WhatsApp, a mobile and desktop-based communication platform. The app features text, voice, video calling, photo and video sharing, and other features. Downloading WhatsApp is easy, simply visit your app store on a mobile device or visit www.WhatsApp.com on your desktop or laptop computer. It is helpful to have the app running on both your phone and computer. The desktop app is most helpful for sending screenshots.



Adding Users & Groups

To communicate with a new user, the first step is to make sure the user has a WhatsApp account. Make sure the new user’s number is a contact in your device (add them as a “New Contact” as you would anyone else, including their phone number).

Then, open WhatsApp and start a new message at the bottom right side of the main screen. Search for the contact you wish to add. If their name doesn’t appear, scroll down. You may have to “invite” them to join WhatsApp if they do not have an account. Once they have created their account, you can begin communicating with them individually or add them to a new group.

Main Screen                                       New Conversation                            Search for a Contact




Group Communication

Navigate to the group and at the top of the screen select “tap here for group info.” Scroll down to “Add participants” and add the desired group member. On this page you can also update the group settings, add or remove administrators, add or remove the group icon, and other options.

We use group message threads for different purposes. Three primary group threads are as follows:


  1. Vanderburgh House Thread. This message thread is between the Vanderburgh House office and our operators. Information pertinent to office staff, but not House Managers, should be communicated here.


  1. House Manager Thread. This message thread is between you and your House Managers. Issues which should be addressed, or information given to all House Managers should be communicated on this channel.


  1. House Thread. Each home has its own thread which includes you and your House Manager. This thread is used for communicating about any specific home related concerns, mostly scheduling move-ins and updating on current events in the home.


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